Improving your visual content

Visual content marketing and social media go hand in hand. This is especially true for summer camps, where it is so much easier to show rather than tell visitors what a magical day at camp looks like. According to CMO Council 65% of senior marketing executives believe that visuals are the core of how their brand’s story is communicated. With everyone relying on visual content, it’s no longer enough to simply post a photo and hope it garners enough likes. Luckily for us summer camps are visually dynamic by nature, so with a few tips you can take your visual content to the next level and easily engage your visitors in the story of your camp!

Here are some of our favorite ways to create engagement with photos:

  • Let your pictures speak for themselves- A caption or a call to action is great, but a great photo can get lost under a novel of text!
  • Connect with your audience emotionally- bright colors, texture, symmetry and close up shots all help to make your visitors stop scrolling and hit that like button.
  • Make your visual content pop- there are plenty of tools for editing, collaging and adding text to photographs, we personally love Canva, an easy to use graphic design aid that makes turning your own photos into stunning graphics simple!

Written by Social Summer Camp intern, Moira Quinn.