Promoting your camp’s crowd funding efforts

A couple of days ago I wrote about how camps can use crowd funding platforms to raise money. Today I am going to go over a couple of ways that camps should promote these crowd funding efforts.

1. Social media platforms:

This seems obvious, but you should heavily promote your project on your own social media platforms. Use photos of camp activities and messaging that clearly describes why you are asking for money and allows your community to connect with your cause.

2. Newsletters:

Almost every camp sends out some sort of newsletter, so don’t forget to include the link and information to your crowd funding efforts when you send yours out.

3. Email blast:

Send out an email blast to all of your alumni, current campers and community asking for their support. It’s important not to spam your community, but these efforts are definitely worthy of sending out a blast.

4. Ask others to share:

When you post on social media platforms, ask your fans and followers to share specific messaging. Something like, “The summer camp I grew up going to is raising money to send¬†underprivileged¬†kids to camp! Please consider donating to this worth cause.”

Creating a great crowd sourcing project is the first step, but if you fail to promote it properly your efforts will be worthless. Comment below if you have any additional ideas on how to promote these types of efforts.