Marketing your personal brand

Yesterday I wrote about how to cultivate your personal brand as a camp director or assistant director. Today I am going to quickly cover how to promote your personal brand (if you wish!). Like I mentioned in my previous post, having a personal brand in non-negotiable, you have one even if you don’t want one. Which is why it always makes sense to think through your goals both short term and long term in regards to your brand. You don’t however have to promote your personal brand. Some camp directors may wish to, which is why I want to include as much information as possible on how to do this.

Marketing your personal brand- How can you reach the people you want to influence?

o Create a pitch:

Once you have your goals set, write a quick 10 and 30 second pitch that talks through your personal brand. This is also known as an “elevator pitch” and will get you more comfortable talking about yourself.

o Design a logo:

Not every brand needs a logo, but if you are hoping to promote your personal brand more this could be helpful to have.

o Build a website:

In addition to your camp website, it is great to have a separate website, page or blog for your own personal brand. This will give you a place to store your original content (more below).

o Claim your social entities:

As a camp director you may already have this, but make sure to claim your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube entities in the event you want to further promote your personal brand.

o Create original content (blog posts, articles, videos, etc.):

Most camp directors already have a blog of some sort, but as you begin to promote your personal brand you will want to begin logging your original content. This means keeping track of your blog posts, articles, videos, etc and making sure that everything you create tracks back to your original goals.
This is really just the beginning as there are many more things you can do to market your personal brand. Email me blake (at) socialsummercamp (dot) com if you want to learn more.