Marketing your camp’s event on Facebook

Does your camp have open houses, city visits, home parties, etc? If so, you should be marketing them on Facebook. Here are a few quick tips for your camp to market an event successfully on Facebook.

1. Create a Facebook event with fun photos and information on the event

2. Add multiple admins and ask them to invite friends to the event

3. Invite fans in the event’s location to your event

4. Encourage your fans to invite their own friends to the Facebook event

5. Ask the hosts of your event to post to their own Facebook page to promote the event

6. Link to a blog post on your website with all of your upcoming events

7. Create a fun video to get everyone excited about the event

8. Consider doing a giveaway at the event for everyone who has responded to the Facebook event

Seems easy enough, right? How have you been marketing your events on Facebook? Please comment with any tips and tricks you may have.