Levers to improve Facebook ads

I presented a webinar a few weeks ago with Travis Allison on Facebook secrets for summer camp marketing. I wanted to elaborate a little on some of the things I chatted about there and provide more information for you, my loyal blog readers.

One of the most important things I discussed were the five levers you can pull to improve your Facebook ads. Here are the questions I like to ask myself for each lever when I am running my ads.

1. Ad creative-

  • What images are being used?
  • Are they engaging?
  • Do they include people?
  • Are they relevant?

2. Ad targeting-

  • Are we targeting the right people?
  • Are we using custom audiences, broad categories, keywords, etc.?

3. Ad placement-

  • Are the ads running on right hand side, news feed, on desktop, on mobile?

4. Ad bidding-

  • Are you bidding oCPM, CPC or CPM?

5. Ad optimization-

  • Have you refreshed the creative often?
  • Have you switched out targeting?
  • Have you A/B tested what needs to be tested?

I’ve discussed some of these topics in-depth before and I’ll continue to discuss all of them in the next few weeks. As always, comment below if you have any questions on these five levers.