Following great brands on social media

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I love to follow what big brands are doing on social media. Often big brands set the stage for smaller brands (like summer camps!) to take what they have learned and apply them in a smaller fashion. One of my favorite brands to follow on social media is Oreo. In fact I recently read an article that claims that Oreo “owns” social media” because of the amazing job they do on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine. Here are a few things that sets their social media strategy above other brands.

1. Relevant and interesting to their audience- All of their posts have interesting information that is extremely relevant to their target audience.


2. Timely- Oreo has a daily post that is always timed perfectly with popular events and holidays.

3. Plays well with others- Oreo always tweets back and forth to other brands to stay interesting and relevant and to reach more people with their message.

What are some other brands you love to follow on social media? I’ll be posting more examples of my favorites soon!