Instagram Ads Now Open to All Businesses

Exciting news today from our favorite photo-sharing site as Instagram has officially made its advertising platform available to all businesses! Starting today, businesses and advertisers already connected to Facebook’s advertising platforms can now access and create their first Instagram campaigns.

Aside from the traditional, single image format, the platform is also offering video ads up to 30 seconds long and carousel ads comprised of multiple images like the ones currently available on Facebook. All ads also include call to action buttons that drive Instagram users back to your website.

We are very excited about this new development, not only as a new option for visually appealing ads, but as a ad platform that can reach new target markets and improve brand awareness. According to Instagram, their ads have proven highly effective so far, with 97% of measured campaigns generating significant lifts in ad recall! This is an incredible opportunity for camps to reach more potential campers and we can’t wait to get our first picture-perfect ads rolling!