Facebook Ads Embracing Gifs

Facebook has finally accepted Gifs with open arms! After years of refusing to let the animated photos be featured on the platform we can finally share Gifs in your status or on a friend’s page. Now they are upping the Gif game and letting some marketers include Gifs in ads and Page posts.

For the Gif-newbies, a Gif is an animated image on a video like loop. They are very popular on the social network Tumblr and in listicles featured on Buzzfeed.

This new Gif feature for businesses is only in the testing phase and for ‘boosted’ Page posts. Currently, only select marketers are able to use the feature. You can see how Wendy’s is utilizing Gifs on their Page as a ‘boosted’ Page post.

Choosing a favorite ingredient is tough in this bowl.

Posted by Wendy’s on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gifs are a fun and unique way to share a message. As with any new feature, Facebook says they’ll be evaluating whether Gifs drive a great user experience before rolling out the feature to more Pages.


This blog post was written by Social Summer Camp Account Director, Elissa Fontenot