Executing and measuring your holiday plan

In the last week I’ve covered how to develop your holiday marketing goals and how to create holiday-specific messaging that maps back to your goals. All of this is great, BUT if you don’t execute on your plan and measure your success none of that will matter. Executing your plan should be pretty simple because you know 1. what your goals are and 2. what messaging your want to use to reach your goals. Usually executing on your holiday related goals involves the following things:

  • Posting a blog with your three-paragraph messaging
  • Sending out an email blast with your one-paragraph messaging
  • Figuring out which social tools (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) you want to use to promote your messaging. Which tools you decide to use depends heavily on the audience you are trying to reach (moms v. children).

Measuring the success of your holiday plan this year may be slightly difficult if you have never done a specific holiday campaign before, but here are a few ways I like to look at it:

  • Reach- How many people did we reach with our holiday message?
  • Response- What was their response?
  • Sign-ups- How many people did we sign-up with our holiday messaging? (if your camp had sign-up goals)
  • Engagement- Did our social media and blog posts get a lot of engagement?

Once you have a full year of results under your belt, you can measure the lift or increase in these numbers year over year. So do you feel ready for the holiday season? You have about a month to get all of this information ready to go for your big holiday push. Don’t miss this amazing marketing opportunity for your summer camp.