Creating holiday-specific messaging

I love the idea of creating holiday-specific messaging for your camp. Most camps have a good brand voice, but don’t often change their brand voice to focus on timely events. We talked yesterday about how to set long-term and short-term holiday goals for your summer camp. Once you have completed that, it’s time to figure out what messaging you are going to use to reach your goal. Usually when creating messaging I recommend figuring out the following first:

  • What three main points do we want to get across?
  • What is the action we want people to take once they read our messaging?
  • How can we get our main points and action across in three paragraphs, one paragraph and three sentences?

Being able to answer those questions will give you the basis for your holiday messaging. The last question is extremely important as it will give you content for a blog post (three paragraphs), an email blast (one paragraph) and social media posts (three sentences). Once you have your messaging ready to go, you can focus on executing and measuring the plan (which I will be covering the day after tomorrow). Email me blake (at) socialsummercamp (dot) com if you have any questions.