We Heart It: A New Social Media Platform For Teens

With the alarming growth of social media platforms, there seems to be a new social media app and network popping up on a weekly basis.  Recently, We Heart It, a social media platform similar to Pinterest, sparked our interest.  With nearly 30 million active users ( 80% being under 25 ) We Heart It is quickly becoming one of the go-to social media networks to reach teens, behind Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What is We Heart It?

Similar to Pinterest and Instagram, We Heart It is solely a visual social media network. Using canvas and collections, users can “heart” photos, add them to their collection ( boards ) and even use tags when categorizing photos ( similar to hashtags on Instagram ). One key differentiator, is that We Heart It does not allow comments on any of their pictures, to prevent bullying or negativity.

Should you be using We Heart It for your summer camp?

While this social media network is visually appealing and very easy to use, we recommend waiting to test it until the user base is larger and older.  By using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest we are able to reach both the key decision makers ( moms ) AND campers.  With the user base of We Heart It skewing so young, it may be a great platform to create awareness for campers, but we would be missing our core target demographic; moms. In addition, it is highly likely that the users using We Heart It are primarily using a social media network we already reach them on, i.e. Instagram.

We will be keeping a close eye on We Heart It’s growth and as always, will be sure to keep you updated on the newest social media networks and how they can fit in your social media strategy for summer camps!

This blog post was written by Social Summer Camp Contributor, Alyssa Allen 

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