Fall Marketing Plan: Returning Campers

Now that camp is officially over, it is time to put together a fall marketing plan for your summer camp. One big component of this plan is what message your camp will use to market to returning campers. There are a few ways to do this:

1. Reach Parents- Parents are the ones who are most likely re-enrolling their camper for next summer. Appeal to them with a few different types of messages during your early bird period. A few messages you should try are: 1) Savings (if you enroll early you will save money) 2) Growth (your child grew so much over the summer, next summer is going to have them even more self-confident, mature and independent) and 3) Urgency (your child loves camp, make sure you sign them up now so that their spot doesn’t get taken when our camp fills up).

2. Reach Campers- Even though campers don’t actually write the checks, they are often the ones who are encouraging their parents to enroll them early for camp. A few messages to try with campers are: 1) Memories (remember all of the amazing times you had at camp this summer, next summer is going to be even more amazing), 2) Friendship (and all of your friends are coming back already) and 3) Better than Ever (next summer will be better than ever because of XYZ).

Have you tried any of these messages for your returning campers? What messages have you found work well in terms of marketing to returning campers?