Using Hyperlapse For Your Camp

Last month Instagram introduced Hyperlapse, a new app to capture high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion.

After downloading Hyperlapse, it really is a very simple tool to use! There is not need to create an account to create a hyperlapse. Instead, you open up straight to the camera. Tap once to begin recording and tap again to stop! After recording, you simply choose a playback speed and can instantly share your video to Instagram.

This new app is a great and easy way share time lapse video of camp activities and more! From sharing the setup of camp, arrival day, the first day of color-war or even a road trip, Hyperlapse makes it easy to share long term videos of camp in a new way.

How will your camp use Hyperlapse? Tell us in the comments below!

Download Hyperlapse for IOS here.