Facebook Updating Page Organic Impressions

Facebook Page impressions are an important metric for measuring how many times your post enters a user’s screen. Impressions are not unique to one user, which means the same piece of content can be displayed to the same user multiple times. Over the last few years, Facebook has updated formulas for calculating metrics such as reach and engagement. On October 17 the social media giant announced a change in how organic page impressions will be calculated which may impact your camps’ impression rates.

By October 28, all organic Page impressions will be calculated with an updated time frame to filter out repeat organic impressions from the same person. This means that a person who scrolls past your post on their News Feed and then returns to it shortly after will only be counted as one impression. However, Facebook has not outlined specifics on the updated time frame.

The change is supposed to align organic post data with methodology used for ads where impressions are calculated within a tighter timeframe. Facebook states that the change should not affect News Feed distribution or other engagement metrics such as reach and engagement. Many pages will see a decrease in impressions. However, other metrics that rely on the variable such as engagement rates could spike.

While it is almost inevitable that your Page will see a dip in impressions, there are ways you can maintain or even boost Facebook stats.

  1. Create more share-worthy content (ex: contests that require sharing a post, embrace trending memes).
  2. Consistently post to show your Page is active and worth engaging with.
  3. Start using Facebook stories. There are not many users viewing Facebook stories, but the numbers are growing!