Facebook Advertising: Not for Wimps

Summer Camps typically hire Social Summer Camp for our Facebook advertising expertise (I did work for Facebook for three years after all), but let me tell you…Facebook advertising is NOT for wimps.

Just take a look at Lexus, who created over 1,000 Facebook ads for a recent campaign they are running.

According to Lexus, “Each video is designed to promote the virtues of the Lexus NX by comparing it to objects directly relevant to a consumers’ tastes. If a user is deemed by Facebook to be an avid traveler, for example, the ad might follow a travel-related theme.”

While most summer camps wouldn’t spend their time editing 1,000 thirty second videos for tailored ads, there is a lesson to be learned here. Facebook has incredibly rich targeting data available to its advertisers. Camps are already taking advantage of this by using parenting and high household income clusters, but the possibilities are endless.

Using this rich data to target ads makes it possible to reach the exact right person at the right time on the right platform. It doesn’t get much better than that!

How is your summer camp using Facebook advertising to reach your target audience?