Running Bing and Yahoo Ad Words

I never, ever, ever thought I would be running Ad Words on Bing. It’s not that I have any problem with Bing, but I pretty much swear by the effectiveness of Google Ad Words and I never use Bing, so in general I have stayed away from the product entirely. Until my self-serve ad guru (and friend) Alyssa mentioned to me that she has seen success running Bing ads. But it wasn’t really Bing that was super successful for her, it was the fact that they have partnered with Yahoo on a combination platform and together they still make up a pretty significant portion of the search market.

Additionally, there is less competition in the Bing/Yahoo space so many of the camp type keywords I was interested in bidding on had a lower introductory bid. So in some cases I may see less volume from these search words, but if they convert at a similar rate, I am happy to keep them going.

So that is where I stand, I’ve just started testing some Bing Ad Words and hope to have some initial results for you all soon. Is anyone else out there using Bing? Let me know!