Using the right image for your Facebook ads

Using the right image for your Facebook ads is really important! It is one of the most important levers you can pull in making sure that your ads reach more people and perform well.

Luckily summer camps have great images from their summer photographers, which means they always have an arsenal of photos to use for Facebook posts. Still, I see camps all of the time using images that don’t perform well on Facebook. Here are five quick tips to make your Facebook images more engaging:

1. Pictures of people perform better than pictures of products/scenery

2. Avoid images with any text (or only use small amounts of text- less than 20% is required by Facebook!)

3. Use bright, eye-catching images

4. Use photos that define the camp experience

5. Make sure your photos follow these dimension requirements so that they look great on desktop and mobile

If you follow these quick tips you will have engaging and interesting images for all of your Facebook ads (and posts!).