Using Instagram Ads to Sign Up New Campers

We are absolutely loving Instagram ads over here at Social Summer Camp! In addition to being a brand new advertising platform for us, they have some unique advantages that we really enjoy:

1. Targeting:

The targeting of Instagram ads is exactly the same as targeting of Facebook ads. Facebook’s targeting is some of the best in the business, so we were absolutely thrilled to see so many great targeting options for Instagram.

2. Creative:

In addition to doing one photo, you can also use video or multiple photos in your Instagram ad! Even though you must use less than 20% text, you can use a little bit of text overlay in these as well.

3. Placement:

Obviously this is the item we are most excited about! Instagram ads are displayed beautifully in the user’s Instagram feed.

There is no telling how much success we might see with Instagram ads, but we are very excited about the possibilities!