Testing Out Dynamic Creative for Facebook Ads

When creating Facebook ads it can be very tempting to only include a few different photos or text variations. However, testing different creative is the key to a successful ad campaign, which is why it is so exciting that Facebook has launched dynamic creative.

According to Facebook: “Dynamic creative accepts the basic components of a Facebook ad and automatically explores a series of ad variants based on these components. The system converges on creative components that deliver the most efficient results for each impression served. It will ensure your audience is always served the best performing creative.”

With Facebook’s dynamic creative you can test up to:

  • 5 ad titles
  • 10 images or 10 videos
  • 5 bodies of texts
  • 5 descriptions
  • 5 CTAs

Since Facebook will automatically serve up the highest performing ads, you can spend less time optimizing your ads and more time on other marketing activities.

Have you tried Facebook’s dynamic creative yet?