Social Summer Camp partners with SPARC

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with SPARC, a national organization that promotes auxiliary programs at schools across the nation.

SPARC, or Summer Programs and Auxiliary Revenue Collaborative, helps schools develop afterschool and summer programs by providing professional development opportunities and defining best practices for their programs and leadership techniques. The team at Social Summer Camp is excited to join this national community of leaders who spearhead afterschool programs, summer enrichment opportunities, and other activities that help children grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

By partnering with nearly 100 schools around the country (and one in Japan!), SPARC has created a community of like-minded leaders in the academic and auxiliary program world. SPARC offers a variety of team-building and professional enrichment programs throughout the year, including its keystone annual event, the National Conference. Regional workshops invite auxiliary program leaders from around the country to discuss current trends, opportunities, and challenges they are navigating and allows leaders to problem-solve these issues together. Webinar series and virtual roundtables allow industry professionals to gather together and learn from each other even as the pandemic creates physical barriers. 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to blur the line between school, home, office, and play, the team at Social Summer Camp is looking for ways to best serve our clients. Camps have launched afterschool programs and virtual activities while schools have turned to Zoom and found new ways to keep their students engaged. As your organization pivots to meet the demands of an unprecedented pandemic, Social Summer Camp will meet you where you are. Now that we have hopped on board with SPARC as an official business partner, we are excited to offer our clients even more resources to make their organizations the best they can be. If you have any questions about how we can help your school or camp succeed, don’t hesitate to reach out online.