Instagram Reels vs TikTok & How to Utilize Reels For Your Camp

Instagram Reels Icon

Instagram debuts its brand new feature that takes an aim at TikTok’s video format, Instagram Reels.

Instagram provides many format options such as polished photos or curated videos to the main feed, casual photos or in-the-moment videos to Stories, or YouTube-like content to IGTV. With its newest feature, Instagram targets a niche community to bring even more creativity to its platform. 

Similar to TikTok, videos created through Instagram Reels give users the ability to film 15-second clips set to music to share with their audience on their feed, through Stories, private direct message, or – if your page is public – can also appear on the Explore tab. Instagram also provides Reels with its various editing features, filters, new fonts, and even augmented reality options that compete with TikTok’s limited editing tools.


Instagram Reels Example

Photo: Instagram


With Reels being very new, and their algorithm being undefined, your Reels Explore page will most likely be influenced by the type of content you’re interacting with, the pages you already follow, and where you are located. 


How Can Instagram Reels be Helpful to Your Camp?

  • With Instagram’s dedicated audience spending on average 53 minutes a day on its platform, Reels provides another great way to create content and reach new audiences. 
  • TikTok might be a platform you’ve considered using, but you may already be on Instagram. No need to start from scratch with a brand new platform and building an audience, try Reels instead!
  • The TikTok-inspired video format that Reels embodies is extremely popular amongst the Generation-Z demographic – which may also be your target audience! Utilizing Reels can help you appear where your target demographic is already spending most of their time.


Will you be trying out the newest addition to Instagram to showcase your camp or organization? Let us know!