Setting a Camper Growth Goal

Before starting any social media program, it is important to build out your marketing objectives and understand the main goal your camp is trying to reach. Most camps I work with are looking to grow their number of campers, but have never set an actual goal around what that looks like. I often encourage my camps to build a chart to map out exactly what 25%, 50% and 75% growth looks like. For small camps it can be a very small number of campers, but for larger camps this can often mean a 25% growth goal of over 500 campers!

Each year as camp ends, get your team together to brainstorm and evaluate a growth goal. If you aren’t growing, you are shrinking, so getting the team aligned around this goal is extremely important. Reach out to me,, if you are interested in hearing more about how to set realistic and achievable camp goals that you can reach!