Missing Opportunities During The Summer

I’ve mentioned it a few times before, but summer should be the biggest time for marketing your summer camp. During the summer I spend a lot of time looking at what other camps are doing and, of course, refining the strategies of my current clients. I’ve noticed a few things that really back up my recommendation for how important summer marketing can be.

1. Many camps are not posting during the summer, but the ones who are see large increases in message reach: I am still shocked when I see camps who are not posting during the summer. They have access to the most interesting content and a very excited audience (in parents and family members), yet they share nothing. The camps I work with who are posting actively during the summer are see huge increases in reach. Some of my camps who see on average a Facebook daily reach of 500 are seeing more like daily reach of 1,000 during the summer!

2. CTRs are up and CPCs are down: This is true especially on Google (but also true on Facebook)! Most camps stop advertising during the summer, even though Google search data supports the fact that many parents begin their shopping during the summer. For camps that are still advertising they are enjoying really high click through rates and rock bottom cost per clicks!

It isn’t too late to get moving for the summer (camp is less than half way over for many camps!)!