The marketing funnel for summer camps

It’s always interesting to me how old marketing techniques come back to life after they have disappeared for a while. Case in point, the marketing funnel! The marketing funnel is constantly talked about in regards to traditional marketing, but was never really talked about in regards to social media marketing, until recently. I think it’s one of the most important strategies camps can use when they are marketing to parents.

Most camps are decently good at loyalty. Their campers and moms love them and they would never dream about attending another camp. Some camps are good at awareness, getting publicity in their area, growing word of mouth, etc.

Most camps are not good at consideration and conversion, but social media rocks at those two areas (especially conversion). In fact, social media marketing may be the strongest and most measurable strategy available to drive conversion. If you aren’t thinking about your camp and where you play well in the marketing funnel, you are definitely missing out.

How are you thinking about your camp marketing in regards to the marketing funnel? Are you focused on certain areas? Not focused on others? Comment below and let me know!