Increase Your Camp’s Organic Reach & Engagement

Organic reach is a topic that we discuss often here at Social Summer Camp.

As Facebook continues to grow and increase its user base, businesses’ organic post engagement and reach will continue to decline.

One way to combat diminishing reach and engagement is to promote posts to ensure that the right people are seeing your content. However, if you would rather spend advertising dollars on key marketing objectives, like driving camp sign ups or leads, here are five tips that we implement for camps at Social Summer Camp to help increase reach and engagement on Facebook, organically:

  1. Share high quality photos: Posts with photos almost always have more engagement than posts without photos; so when sharing something that is driving to a web page, share a photo and include a shortened link in the post text instead
  2. Engage and tag other brands in your posts: This allows your reach to expand to not only your fans, but also to fans of the tagged page. Try it out the next time you share an interesting article on the benefits of summer camp from a magazine or an online journal.
  3. Be timely and culturally relevant: Posting time-sensitive posts engages users and creates a sense of urgency. A countdown to camp post or an opening day post can go a long way!
  4. Post when your fans are online: Use Facebook’s page insights to see when your fans are online and post when they are the most active.
  5. Ask questions: Asking for a clear call to action can increase engagement and encourage fans to get involved on your page and site!

Have any other tips to add? Let us know!


This blog post was written by Social Summer Camp Contributor, Alyssa Allen