How to make your Instagram photos beautiful

One of the keys to having a really engaging Instagram account is to post beautiful photos. Summer camps have it easy because most of their photos are already beautiful (lakes, mountains, trees, etc.), but it’s always fun to add a little something extra to your photos. My favorite app for making beautiful Instagram photos is Over.

You can add text, pre-made images, borders, colors, etc. to your photos using this app. It’s pretty awesome when it comes to making your Instagram photos more beautiful. You can also use an app like Picstich to combine multiple photos into a collage. If you want to add images or reflections to your Instagram photos here are a couple more apps: photo reflection, pic wall, and decosama.

Having beautiful images is just one key to having a great Instagram account and I’ll be posting more tips later this week. Comment below if you have any more great apps that you use!