Facebook Ad Delivery

I wanted to take a few minutes to share this article from Facebook’s FAQ on ad delivery.

“Facebook’s ad system uses an algorithm that chooses the best ad to display based on a variety of factors, including the historical performance of each ad and their bids.

The bid necessary to win our ad auction will fluctuate as our system learns more about your ad based on its actual performance, and as the pool of competing ads changes.”

Optimize your Page

“Make your Page engaging so that when people click on your ad or sponsored story, they want to connect with it. Make sure the profile picture and cover photo are interesting and accurately represent your business. Post relevant content so people will want to get your updates in News Feed.”

Change your Targeting

“If your ad or sponsored story isn’t getting many impressions, you may be targeting too few people. If your targeting parameters are too narrow, the delivery of your ad or sponsored story may be limited. To optimize your ad or sponsored story, try removing or changing some of the current targeting filters to expand your potential audience.”

Increase your Budget 

“Your ad or sponsored story’s delivery will be paced so your daily or lifetime budget is used throughout the length of your campaign. If you increase your budget, your ad or sponsored story will get more impressions before your budget runs out.”