Demand Fulfillment v. Increasing Demand

A recent topic in the Summer Camp Professional’s Facebook group came up regarding SEO. A camp director was asking how much you should spend on SEO v. other types of marketing. I posted my opinion in the group but wanted to get it live here as well:

In my opinion the search volume for the types of searches camps need just isn’t high enough right now. I would rather spend my marketing budget on increasing demand (Facebook ads, social media content, PR, incentives, etc.) rather than fulfilling demand (as is such with SEO).

This does NOT mean that you shouldn’t put effort into developing a website with strong SEO. But it does mean that less than 50% of your marketing budget should go toward it. In fact, I would prefer to see something like 80% on increasing demand and 20% of fulfilling demand.

What do you think about this? Post your thoughts and comments below or email me blake (at) socialsummercamp (dot) com.