Why Facebook ads for summer camps?

I’ve written a lot in the past about how to use Facebook ads and how to track conversions on Facebook using their conversion tracking pixel. Still almost daily I get asked why any camp would want to run Facebook ads, so I decided to write up a few quick notes. Remember that I worked at Facebook for almost three years before starting Social Summer Camp, so I feel pretty confident in the following reasons that Facebook ads really work for summer camps.

1. Driving action:

Facebook ads make it extremely easy to drive traffic offsite to your website, blog or other articles. There are a lot of different ads that are good at driving action, but I really like Facebook ads for this and have seen a lot of success driving traffic to summer camp websites for a pretty cheap price.

2. Facebook targeting:

Facebook ads have some of the best targeting out there. For example, if you are an overnight camp in North Carolina, you can target moms with kids ages 6-12, who live within 30 miles of your camp. Facebook also has a crazy powerful targeting capability called Custom Audiences, which allows you to upload a list of email addresses to Facebook and target those people with ads. For example, if you have a list of leads from a camp fair or church, you can target those specific people with Facebook ads for your camp. You can also upload a list of your current camp parents and exclude them from your advertising efforts.

3. Creative liberty:

The Facebook Page Post Ad gives you a pretty good amount of space to explore your creativity in both the image and copy. Also, the ad looks exactly like a regular page post from your Facebook page, which makes it seem a lot less like an ad and a lot more like organic content.

4. The News Feed:

I only recommend that camps run ads in Facebook’s News Feed, which is where everyone spends the most time on Facebook. It is a high attention and high engagement area on Facebook.

5. Reach people where they already are:

Most moms already spend a decent amount of time on Facebook, so it is a great place to reach these moms where they are already spending a lot of their time. Google ads play a huge role in this as well, but for moms who are not already searching for summer camps, this is a great way to increase their awareness.

If you want to get started running some Facebook ads for your summer camp, send me an email at blake (at) socialsummercamp (dot) camp.