Updates To Twitter

Twitter has announced quite a few updates to their advertising products and analytics over the past few weeks and are offering some great updates to their advertising interface. Below is a summary of some of the latest updates Twitter has made to their advertising offerings:

Tailored Audiences – Similar to Facebook’s custom audiences, Twitter now allows you to upload lists of emails, people who have visited your website, mobile numbers and more to reach more of the people who matter to you.

Campaigns by Objectives – Twitter now allows you to select campaigns that are best suited for your objective, whether you want more followers, clicks to your website or mobile app downloads, it’s now much easier to select what type of campaign to run to best meet your marketing objectives.

Targeting By Mobile Carrier – You can now target users based off their mobile carrier and whether they are using their Twitter account for the first time on a new mobile device.

TV Targeting – Advertisers can now align their twitter advertising with their TV ads. Advertisers can choose from what markets to target, and even target specific shows and networks!

Analytics – Twitter recently streamlined their analytics, providing engagement rates, impression levels and provided a more streamlined dashboard making it easy to see which tweets are most engaging and how many people your tweets are reaching on a daily basis.

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