Digital Marketing Playbook for Nonprofits

Your nonprofit's mission is big, but your budget is small. Today’s digital landscape has changed the way nonprofit communities connect and expand. Is your camp using all the available resources to drive donations and raise awareness? Maximize your online efforts with these digital marketing and social media tips for nonprofits. Social Media Tools Create a shareable Facebook Frame -- Make a custom frame for your nonprofit using Facebook’s Frame Studio. This is a fun and effective way to increase awareness of...

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How often should you update parents during camp and where?

During camp it is absolutely imperative for camps to keep their parents and community updated, but it can certainly become a daunting task when you have to update your internal camp software (campminder, bunk1, etc.), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the list goes on. I've posted before about how to best create content during camp, but I wanted to share a few additional tips on how much you should be updating your social entities. 1. Update twice a day, collect content...

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Measuring social media success for summer camps

As part of the Social Summer Camp social media program for summer camps, I work with each camp to put together a short, medium and long-term measurement plan. A solid measurement plan is one of the most important aspects of a great social media program. Many summer camps are using social media, but have not figured out how to measure success. If you are running a social media program and not measuring results, try some of these short-term measurement ideas: Using Google...

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