You’ve Cancelled Summer Camp – Now What?

You have been forced to cancel summer camp because of the coronavirus and all of the uncertainties that come with it. You are probably asking yourself what your next steps should be. Now is more important than ever to make a calendar for announcements a month in advance. You can create the calendar two months in advance if you know when you have virtual event dates, fundraising updates, or announcements. You will have fewer photos to choose from for content, so...

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Privacy Updates, Data Sharing and How Advertisers Can Adapt – Part 2

Advertising techniques and strategies have evolved since the foundation of modern advertising in the 1920s. As televisions and computers became accessible to almost every American, advertisers capitalized on the technology to reach large numbers of targeted audiences. Now, tools used for targeting online audiences may be disappearing and advertisers and businesses need to adapt. For small businesses like most summer camps, this comes as a hard hit. Facebook and Google Ads are affordable and effective ways to target a few potential...

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Understanding Firefox’s Newest Privacy Update – Part 1

Nearly everyone is concerned about online privacy and protecting their personal information in cyberspace. The Pew Research Center found that 93% of adults say that being in control of who can get information about them is important. These concerns are becoming more prominent and even tech giants like Facebook, Google and Apple are responding. On June 4, Mozilla Firefox rolled out perhaps the most aggressive privacy measure to date, which includes enhanced tracking protection by default for all new users...

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