Social Media for Summer Camps During the Summer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the summer is the best time to market your summer camp. If you have ever wondered when the best time to start a social media program is, the answer is right now! Here are some of the benefits of marketing during the summer:

1. You have a large audience- Parents, friends, aunts and uncles are all online looking for information about what their camper is up to! This is your best chance to reach a large audience with your messages! Let them know about your incredible programming during the summer, about your exceptional staff and about the growth that is happening every day!

2. When campers get home, they do not go tech free- I’ve noticed that some camps stop posting to Instagram during camp because their campers are at camp and tech-free. As soon as campers get home from camp, they spend hours on Instagram looking at your camp’s photos! Take advantage of the word of mouth increase that happens when people like your photos on Instagram (photos show up in their friend’s feed) by having a great during camp Instagram strategy.

3. Prospective parents are looking now- Parents are starting to look for Summer 2016 now. I guarantee you they are looking at social media this summer across a few different camps to see which “voice” clicks well with them. Don’t have an empty screen for them to look at.

Have you started thinking through your marketing plans for this summer?