Thoughts on “marketing” as a bad word

A lot of camps I talk to don't want to prioritize marketing as one of their main goals for their summer camp. I hear a lot of people say that it just isn't a priority, or they don't have time to fully focus on it and a number of other excuses for why marketing isn't that important to them. But the more and more I think about camps who think that "marketing" is a bad word, the more and more...

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Growing your camp is possible with social media

Many camps tell me they aren't interested in social media consulting because they aren't looking to grow their enrollment. While this is a great problem to have, I'm disappointed to hear about camps that aren't interested in growing past their current state. Of course, it is normal for camps to be comfortable with their current size, and it's true that growing a camp past its capacity can be time-intensive and expensive (more staff, more buildings, etc.) But what I want...

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