You’ve Cancelled Summer Camp – Now What?

You have been forced to cancel summer camp because of the coronavirus and all of the uncertainties that come with it. You are probably asking yourself what your next steps should be. Now is more important than ever to make a calendar for announcements a month in advance. You can create the calendar two months in advance if you know when you have virtual event dates, fundraising updates, or announcements. You will have fewer photos to choose from for content, so...

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Implementing the Google Conversion Tracking Pixel

Tracking actions on your summer camp's website is an extremely important part of tracking ROI (return on investment). A few days ago, I wrote about implementing the Facebook Conversion Tracking Pixel. Today, I created this video to help you learn more about implementing the Google Conversion Tracking Pixel on your website. Watch the video below to learn more about why this is an important tool for your camp's success.

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