Facebook buys WhatsApp. What does that mean for camps?

Facebook just announced that they are buying WhatsApp for $16B!!! According to Facebook, “WhatsApp has over 450M MAUs, with 70% of those active each day. In a staggering comparison, Facebook also notes that the messaging volume of WhatsApp approaches the SMS volume of the entire global telecom industry — and that it’s adding 1M users a day.”

So what does this mean for camps??

There is definitely a shift going on where messaging is becoming an important part of daily life. Right now camps really only use mail, email and social media to reach their target audiences. But what if they incorporated messaging? What if it was common to message parents, campers and alumni at any given time? It may seem like a strange idea now, but it’s certainly the way that things seem to be headed.

What do you think is the future of messaging for summer camp marketers??