Social Media Marketing for Summer Camps, Schools, and Everything in Between.

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    Engage New Campers & Students

    Social media offers a valuable opportunity to identify and engage new students, campers, and their families in ways that other marketing efforts often miss. Whether you need to attract new attendees, announce a new program, or keep current families up to date and engaged, Social Summer Camp will develop a custom organic content strategy to accomplish your goals. This strategy will generate mass awareness of your brand among prospective families and help drive leads.

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    Reach New Target Areas
    of Potential Customers

    Using sophisticated targeting tactics, Social Summer Camp will help you reach the exact audience that you’re interested in and expand into new markets. These untapped areas add crucial value to your marketing plan by pinpointing families who most align with your goals. This can result in more quality leads, more sign-ups, and more meaningful engagement for your program.

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    It’s no secret that campers, students, and their parents spend more time connecting with each other and engaging with brands on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter than ever before. It has never been more important to maintain top-of-mind awareness among families all year long, and social media is the fastest way to stay connected. Social Summer Camp’s consistent, goal-based social content strategy engages and empowers your program’s community to drive long-term loyalty and referrals.

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    Online Experiences & Education

    In addition to traditional in-person programs, Social Summer Camp helps online schools, virtual camps, camp-in-a-box, online colleges, and everything in between find new families as well! You can focus on delivering the best online experience for your attendees while we find you new participants and keep them engaged.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How quickly can we begin services?

    We completely understand that most clients are already in need of a solution when they come to us. That’s why we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround launching your account. Some of our timing depends on whether social media and advertising accounts already exist, but even then, we will guide you through the process of account creation.

    What materials will you need from me?

    The more the merrier! We work with each client to curate their favorite photos, nail the language and terminology of their program, and get to know the entire picture. Photos, videos, branding materials and account access have us off to the races!

    Do I have to sign up for all of your services?

    Only use us for what you need. We offer an Ads package, a Social Media Content package, and an Email Marketing and Landing Page Conversion package. Choose one, choose two, or combine all three. We’re here to help you get more people in the door and keep the ones you already have.

    Do you also help run staffing advertisements?

    We love helping our camps find great staff members. In 2022 alone we have helped camps receive hundreds of applications for positions ranging from counselor to lifeguard to nurse. We’ve even followed up to confirm that these applications have turned into hires!

    What kinds of organizations do you help?

    • Day Camps
    • Overnight Camps
    • Sports Camps
    • Online Colleges
    • Boarding Schools
    • Semester Schools
    • Virtual Camps
    • STEM Camps
    • Special Needs Camps
    • Performing Arts Camps
    • Teen Camps
    • Travel Programs
    • Religious Camps
    • Virtual & Online Camps
    • Non-Profit Camps
    • Equestrian Camps
    • …and everything in between. You name it – we’ve helped.

    Why should I maintain my Social Media presence?

    The reasons are endless. As a starting point, what is the first thing someone does when they want more information on a company? They look for reviews, search for what that company is about, and research the mission and values of the business. Websites can only convey so much. Social Media is where you win people over, prove to prospective campers that they’re making the right decision, and make your message loud and clear.

    Let Social Summer Camp help you on the path to success.