Marketing a Specialty Camp? Here Are Some Strategies to Consider

Camps provide a variety of activities that are designed to meet a broad range of interests. Most camps offer various categories and activities that include hiking, swimming, sports, arts and crafts, and more. Other camps are designed around a specific skill, activity, theme or interest that are meant to serve a group with a special interest on a particular program, otherwise known as a specialty camp

Does your camp have a unique program that makes it different from the rest? If not all camps are the same, why would having the same marketing strategy as a traditional camp be a good idea for your specialty camp? It wouldn’t! A marketing strategy for a specialty camp should be different and should embrace what makes the camp special. Here are some ways to highlight what makes your camp special:

Embrace The Specialty:

Be sure to highlight the uniqueness of your camp and why it should stand out among other camps. Once you have separated your camp from traditional camps, you can also consider ways to make your camp rise above other specialty camps similar to yours. Be sure to engage with your audience. You can host contests on social media that give campers the opportunity to win free prizes, such as free camp gear or even a free week at camp!

What Are The Benefits:

Highlight the short-term and long-term benefits of your program. Why would attending your camp be more beneficial than going to a traditional camp? Express how camps that target a specific interest can benefit the camper by making friends with other campers who share the same interest. It can also enhance the camper’s future skill set and career path!

Opportunity to Market:

Don’t limit your marketing to the summer season- utilize your platform all year long! Pushing short-term campaigns at the end of spring or early summer will not give your camp quality leads or results. Camp is an investment, so giving consumers the opportunity to learn about your specialty program will result in quality enrollment throughout the year. Marketing your camp all year long gives your audience the opportunity to receive special offers or early bird sales. Not to mention, it also gives time for the future campers to get excited for camp!

Utilizing effective marketing tactics for your specialty camp will fill up your enrollment each summer and give your camp a distinctive brand that your audience will remember.