How can summer camps crowdsource funding?

Gaining additional funding is necessary for non-profit summer camps. It can be a huge task for for-profit summer camps as well. Crowdsourcing platforms allow companies to get the word out about funds they are trying to raise. Summer camps can take advantage of these platforms to crowdsource for their programs. Read more about this below.

Some of the best online resources for fundraising are:

  • Indiegogo– There are already quite a few summer camp fundraising efforts going on right now at Indiegogo. They offer a discount to non-profits that are trying to raise money, so if your camp is a 501c3, this is a great platform for you to use. Indiegogo also lets you reward funders with camp merchandise or other discounts. If you are trying to crowdsource scholarship money to send more deserving kids to camp next summer, Indiegogo is the platform for your camp.
  • Kickstarter– This is probably the most robust and famous of the crowdfunding platforms, but they require that anything posted to their site be considered a “project.” This means that you could not simply use the platform to raise money unless it was going toward building a product, video, game, etc. If you are trying to raise general money, I would look to another platform.
  • Start Some Good- This platform is focused on projects that provide some sort of social good to the world. Raising money to send children to camp would definitely fall into this category, which makes it a great crowdfunding platform for this type of venture.

Tomorrow, I’ll be covering how to promote your crowdsourcing efforts using social media! Comment as always if you have any questions.