Developing your holiday marketing goals

There are many different ways to start developing your camp’s holiday marketing goals. The first and most important thing to ask yourself is, what should my camp try and accomplish during the holiday season? Once you have done the work to figure that out you can begin to think through your long-term holiday goals. Here are some ideas of what they may look like.

This holiday season our camp would like to:

  • Sign-up campers sooner than usual (in Nov/Dec instead of March/April) 
  • Encourage parents to gift a summer at our camp
  • Have our camp store be seen as a go-to gift idea
  • Drive donations in the name of the holiday spirit (if your camp is a non-profit)
  • Keep our community engaged during this time of year

If this is your first year heavily marketing during the holidays, I would only pick one or two long-term goals for this year. If you have done a lot of marketing for your camp in the past you can certainly pick up to three long-term goals.

Once you have your long-term goal picked out, you can break it into smaller goals. Here is an example of what it would like for encouraging parents to gift a summer at our camp:

  • Write a blog post that explains why camp is a great gift
  • Send out an email blast explaining how parents can gift camp to their child
  • Offer to send a “you are signed up!” holiday card so parents have something to give their child during the holidays

These are just examples, but hopefully now you are starting to get the gist of how to develop your holiday marketing goals. The whole process of developing your goals should take a few hours of brainstorming and a few hours of execution. But, the process is well worth the results you will see from a well thought out marketing plan this holiday season!