Digital Marketing Playbook for Nonprofits

Digital Media Playbook for Nonprofits

Your nonprofit’s mission is big, but your budget is small. Today’s digital landscape has changed the way nonprofit communities connect and expand. Is your camp using all the available resources to drive donations and raise awareness? Maximize your online efforts with these digital marketing and social media tips for nonprofits.

Social Media Tools

  1. Create a shareable Facebook Frame — Make a custom frame for your nonprofit using Facebook’s Frame Studio. This is a fun and effective way to increase awareness of your mission or a specific campaign. GivingTuesday Facebook Frame
  2. Make it easy for followers to donate — Become recognized as a charitable organization on Facebook to set up Facebook Payments. Donors will be able to contribute directly through your Facebook Page and your organization. Plus, you will be eligible to receive Facebook’s matching contribution to nonprofits on #GivingTuesday.
  3. Highlight peer-to-peer Fundraising — You’ve probably seen someone on Facebook ask for donations to support a nonprofit of their choice for their birthday. Your nonprofit can also benefit from these types of posts. Make sure to thank anyone who decided to help your charity on their special day by highlighting it in a post or in your newsletter. You can remind your staff, parents, alumni and leadership to make your organization the benefitting nonprofit on their birthday.

Social Media Strategy

  1. Update your profile picture and banner — Change your profile picture and banner according to what objective you are fundraising for. For example, if you are fundraising to renovate your basketball courts, feature the facility or future plans prominently on your Page. 
  2. Be responsive to your fans — 83 percent of your Facebook Fans and 71 percent of your Twitter followers expect a response the same day they make an inquiry. Answer Direct Messages (DMs) in a timely manner and acknowledge comments to build good will with your fans. 
  3. Expand your community — Encourage your followers to tag their friends in the comments and share posts. This will get your nonprofit in front of potential donors and supporters.
  4. Engage with social media trends — Stay relevant by keeping up with social media trends and embracing them when appropriate. This includes global days of action such as #InternationalDayOfCharity and #GivingTuesdayNow coming up on May 5, 2020.
  5. Relate back to your mission — Content that consistently relates back to your mission statement gives your audience something larger to hold on to. Differentiate yourself from other nonprofits by building a brand as the [inclusive, creative, accepting, etc.] camp.
  6. Create content around donations — In addition to posting on social media about your camp’s activities during the summer, create posts around donMake a donation in honor ofations for your camp. Create engaging posts that encourage past donors to donate more and new donors to make their donations. Raising donations for a specific item or cause can be highly effective.
  7. Show how donations directly affect change at camp — Use your content to show how donations at camp are put to good use. Show photos of new tennis courts, or pictures of campers using new equipment. Additionally, videos of campers thanking donors can go a long way to build good will.

Paid Advertising

  1. Invest in paid social media — Target previous donors using the right message, at the right time and your camp could see a huge increase in donations. Ads should Example Ad For Donationshave a clear objective, relate back to the mission and engage the target audience.
  2. Boost your events — Looking to attract new and returning families to your fundraising event? Boost the event to people who like your page and their friends. This ensures that more than just 5% of your followers see it organically.  
  3. Know Your Audience — Building a donor base from the ground up each year is exhausting and inefficient. Increase donor retention by targeting people who already like your Page. Even better, use a previous donor list. This way only those familiar with your camp and your mission will see ads for donations.
  4. Take FREE MONEY FROM GOOGLE — Google will grant up to $10,000 of in-kind Google Ads advertising each month. It is a notoriously easy grant to receive – just fill out a quick form and register with your local TechSoup partner. It requires minimal effort to use the free advertising credits to ensure you are in the top search results for your brand-name and related keywords. 

Have you tried any of these tactics for driving donations during camp? We’d love to hear about it! Feel free to contact us to learn more about using social media to increase your donor base as well as donations.